Premium Retractable Awnings by Weinor

Weinor is a well-established brand in the awning industry, specialising in producing high-quality patio and garden awnings.

Focussing on exclusivity and functionality, Weinor awnings cater to your various needs. Offering a wide range of options in terms of design, materials and customisation, ensuring that you can find the right awning for your outdoor space.

Unmatched Quality and Innovation

Weinor awnings are known for their exceptional quality. Their fabrics and materials are created with advanced technology to offer multiple benefits

Blending Style and Innovation

Integrated Lighting and Heating

Weinor awnings are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

Many of their models, such as the Cassita II and Opal Design II, can come with integrated LED lighting options, providing ambient illumination during the evening hours. Allowing you to continue enjoying your outdoor space even after the sun has set.

To further enhance your experience, we also offer heating systems that can be incorporated into awning models.

These heating systems are designed to generate comfortable warmth for those cooler days or evenings, allowing you to extend your outdoor enjoyment throughout the entire year.

A wide variety of product offerings and options, paired with Weinor’s commitment to innovation and quality, ensure that you receive a tailor-made awning solution suited to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Weinor awnings compare to manual awnings in terms of convenience?

Weinor awnings are known for their convenience compared to manual awnings, as many models come with electric operation. This allows for easy opening and closing using a remote control or a wall switch, providing a hassle-free experience. Additionally, some Weinor awnings can be integrated with smart home systems, enhancing their overall convenience for users.

What distinguishes modern retractable awnings by Weinor in functionality and design?

Modern retractable awnings by Weinor stand out in terms of functionality and design due to their high-quality materials, innovative technology, and stylish aesthetics. Many Weinor awnings feature a combination of durable fabrics, robust frames, and reliable mechanisms. The designs of Weinor awnings are sleek, contemporary, and available in a wide range of colours and styles, catering to various tastes and architectural requirements. Their optional extras such as wind sensors and heating and lighting bars are also an excellent additional design feature.

Can you explain the pricing range for various Weinor awning models?

The pricing range for Weinor awnings is quite varied, as they offer a wide selection of product lines to accommodate different budgets and requirements. The cost of a Weinor awning depends on factors such as size, design, chosen fabric, and additional features, such as motorisation or integrated lighting. To obtain a more accurate idea of pricing, it is advisable to contact us at Winchester Awnings to request a quotation

Which features of Weinor awnings contribute to them being a good investment for my home?

Weinor awnings are often considered a wise investment due to their durability, stylish design, ease of use, and energy-saving benefits. Constructed with top-quality materials and precision engineering, these awnings are designed to withstand varying weather conditions and offer a long service life. They provide excellent UV protection for you and your family and also the furniture in your home.

Do I need a wind sensor for my Weinor awning?

The need for a wind sensor for your Weinor awning depends on the level of convenience and protection you want for your awning system. A wind sensor can provide automatic retraction of the awning in case of strong winds, which can help prevent damage. Weinor offers awnings that can be equipped with optional sun, wind, and rain sensors, allowing for automatic control based on weather conditions. If you want to ensure your awning is protected during windy conditions without having to manually retract it, a wind sensor would be a beneficial addition.

Can my Weinor awning be motorised?

Yes, your Weinor awning can be motorised. Weinor offers motorisation options for your awnings, which can be controlled either by a hard-wired connection or via a radio receiver with a hand transmitter. This allows for convenient control of the awning, enhancing the ease of use and functionality of the product.

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