Unmatched Stability and Elegance

The key feature that sets our Weinor pergolas awnings apart from others on the market is their maximum stability. Offering high wind stability while maintaining an elegant appearance. Weinor pergolas, such as the PergoTex II, can provide reliable rain protection when installed with a pitch of 8° or more. Allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even in heavy downpours.

Weinor pergolas offer a wide range of customisation options. Choose from a large selection of fabrics and frame colours to create a pergola that complements your home. Whether it’s a residential patio or a commercial space, our Weinor pergola awnings can cater to spaces of all sizes, impressing users with both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Customisation and Features

Our Weinor pergolas offer a wide range of colour and material options for customisation. You can choose from various awning fabrics and frame colours to create a unique and stylish addition to your outdoor space.

The frame colours are available in different finishes, allowing you the flexibility to match your pergola to the existing design of your home or garden. Furthermore, you can also find matching vertical awning options to provide all-round protection and an integrated look.

Integrated Accessories

Our Weinor pergolas can be equipped with a range of integrated accessories to enhance both their functionality and aesthetics. These accessories include:

By combining these integrated accessories with the vast colour and material options, you can customise your Weinor pergola awning to suit your individual preferences and requirements, ensuring an outdoor space that is both stylish and functional.

Weather Resistance and Durability

Our Weinor pergolas are renowned for their exceptional weather resistance and durability.

Wind Stability and Rain Protection

A key aspect of weather resistance in Weinor pergolas is their wind stability. These pergolas are designed to withstand strong winds and provide optimum rain protection. The weinor PergoTex II pergola awning serves as reliable rain protection from a pitch of 8°, ensuring that even in heavy downpours, the area beneath the pergola remains dry. For pitches less than 8°, the fabric serves exclusively as sun protection, as water may run off uncontrollably to the side or accumulate on the fabric.

In addition to their innovative designs, the materials used in constructing the pergolas also contribute to their durability. The sturdy aluminium frame and high-quality, weather-resistant fabrics used in Weinor Plaza Viva Pergola Awning ensure that these structures maintain their performance and appearance throughout various weather conditions.

Advanced Weather Protection Features

Weinor pergolas offer a range of advanced features to enhance weather protection and user experience. Some of these features include:

  • All-glass elements: Certain Weinor pergolas incorporate all-glass elements, creating a modern and sleek appearance while also providing excellent protection against the elements.
  • Weather sensors: These sensors can be integrated into the pergolas to automatically extend or retract the awning based on weather conditions, providing conveniency and maximising the pergola’s functionality.
  • Heating systems: Optional heating systems can be installed in Weinor pergolas, ensuring a warm and comfortable outdoor space even during colder months.
  • Water drainage: Efficient water drainage features, such as the internally inclined louvres in the Weinor Artares Pergola Awning, prevent water accumulation and ensure proper run off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical costs associated with Weinor pergola installation?

The cost of installing a Weinor pergola can vary depending on factors such as size, design, and additional features. While it’s difficult to provide specific pricing without considering individual requirements, Weinor pergola installations can be a significant investment. Contact us at hello@winchesterawnings to obtain a personalised quote based on your needs.

How durable are Weinor pergolas?

Weinor pergolas are known for their durability and high-quality construction. They are built with fixed-post structures that offer high wind stability, and their awning fabrics demonstrate excellent resistance to wear and tear. 

What options are available in the Weinor awnings range and their respective pricing?

Weinor offers various options in terms of size, colour, and pattern variations for their pergola awnings. They have a large selection of awning fabrics and frame colours to match your outdoor space and personal preferences. Additional extras such as weather sensors and heating systems are also available. Pricing can vary depending on these options and any additional features you may choose to include. 

How do Weinor pergolas compare to traditional awnings in design and functionality?

Weinor pergolas combine the aesthetic appeal of traditional awnings with increased wind stability due to their fixed-post construction. They can also accommodate larger areas for shading, making them suitable for various residential and commercial outdoor spaces. With a vast range of colour and style variations, our Weinor pergolas offer a versatile and practical alternative to traditional awnings.

What are the maintenance requirements for a Weinor pergola?

Maintaining a Weinor pergola involves regular cleaning of the frame and fabric to keep them in optimal condition. Make sure to clean any moving parts to keep them free of debris and functioning smoothly. Additionally, promptly addressing any issues with the motor or other components can help prolong the lifespan of your pergola. It’s advisable to consult your dealer for specific maintenance guidelines.

Can you outline the differences between the Weinor PergoTex and standard awning solutions?

The Weinor PergoTex II is a pergola awning designed to provide reliable rain protection from a pitch of 8°. This makes it suitable even in heavy downpours. This differs from standard awning solutions, which typically serve as sun protection but may not provide the same level of protection against rain. Additionally, the PergoTex II features folding retractable slats. These allow you to adjust the level of sun, wind, and rain protection as required.

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